Investing In Your Success

Have you made the commitment to yourself that you are worthy of time, education, and success?

Well, TODAY is that day when you begin.


Wealthy Affiliate

Have you heard about Wealthy Affiliate?

It is an informational platform where you can find resources, a vibrant community of over 800,000 members, archived information about becoming more internet savvy!

I am happy that I found this platform. Like you, I was browsing the internet to find a way to do things differently and with the intention to make additional income on the side. Making use of my ‘down-time’ and maybe even get a chance to live the ‘laptop life’ that so many people have started doing and leaving the 9 to 5 grind behind.

I have learned and continue to learn so much about the internet and the opportunities that abound. I will be honest here, I am not ‘there yet’. I still have my ‘brick and mortar’ job, however, I am doing something about making that a ‘thing of the past’.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you all about Wealthy Affiliate and what it means to me and what it can do for you.

Here is a very concise guide that I wrote about Wealthy Affiliate that you can access HERE!



What Is Wealthy Affiliate

It is an online community with more than 800,000 members. Most of the community members are premium members, but they all started out as FREE account members and realized the value of the community during their 7-day FREE trial membership.

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Features Of Wealthy Affiliate

The features of being a premium member in Wealthy Affiliate is simply amazing. I will itemize and then expand on the benefits of these features. Of course, please DON’T take my word for it, try it out for yourself by becoming a FREE account member TODAY!!

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To give you an idea of what the platform offers at Wealthy Affiliate, let’s look at some of the features:

  • Free Starter Membership
  • Premium Membership
  • Step-By-Step Coursework
  • Simple Yet Powerful Website Builder
  • SSL Certificate Secured Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Live Chat 24/7 Support
  • Free Inhouse Keyword Research Tool
  • Talented Community Members With Diverse Skills




So often, I see people giving of themselves to others without realizing that it is an investment to give to yourself as well.


The investment of education at ANY point in your life is PRICELESS. You are never too old or young (for that matter) to learn something new and to implement it into your life. You can change your life and do things differently and at your own pace.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a chance to see your growth potential – not only from a monetary viewpoint but also from a self-developmental stand. I encourage you to be different and surprise yourself. There is a ‘new you’ inside waiting to ‘unleash their awesomeness’ on the world.

Look out world, here you come!!

Try out Wealthy Affiliate NOW, you have so much to learn.

In a few weeks, Wealthy Affiliate will be hosting their annual Black Friday discount between 24-27 November. This is the time when I decided to buy the annual membership. I was a month to month member for 3 months before I made the yearly premium membership. It is a great savings opportunity.

You can read about last year’s promotion HERE

It is so worth it!!