Success At Wealthy Affiliate 0 – 6 months

How Do You Define Success?

success at wealthy affiliate 0-6 months

As individuals, we all look at things differently, success can mean so many things to so many people – MONETARY AND NON-MONETARY.

For starters, success can mean:

  • passing an exam
  • having a baby
  • getting that job you always wanted
  • getting that pay increase
  • losing those few extra pounds we did not need in the first place
  • creating our own website and making it a source of income
  • and the list can go and on.

Success will mean different things to different people, but what is key is this: it is how it is measured to that person that determines his reaction to the results.

I would like to share a few success stories of people who have taken that free website challenge and turned it into a cause for celebration of their success. One thing all these stories have in common – they ALL started with the FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP  that Wealthy Affiliate offers you!

success at wealthy affiliate 0-6 months

Just to give you an idea of others who have clicked this button and taken their first step towards their future success can be seen in the post below.

Let me introduce you to Sharon Whyte.

At June 2017, it was 6 months since she had become a premium member here at Wealthy Affiliate. CLICK HERE to read her story.

success at wealthy affiliate 0-6 months

And what I love most of all is Sharon’s Mantra:

success at wealthy affiliate 0-6 months

As my mother always told us, a family of three girls – “A word to the wise is sufficient.”

Another success story is Angelique from Belgium.

She writes her post about starting with her passion even though she wasn’t sure ti would be lucrative in its field and on its own. What she focused on was the fact that she enjoyed it and that is what she depended on to keep her going. You will see that success taking time and focus. It might now and usually does not – happen overnight!

success at wealthy affiliate 0-6 months

Now I know that not every story is all ‘pomp and show’, surely not – we all develop and grow at different rates.

Here is a story of WilliamB‘s progress and how he is doing after 6 months.

He has still made progress on ‘his own terms’ and he is happy with where he has been and is at that point in time. READ MORE HERE.

success at wealthy affiliate 0-6 months

What Is Your Passion?

There is something that you enjoy doing ALL the time. Something that once you get started, you forget to eat, breathe, and survive – it just takes you to another world – we ALL have those moments.

Are You Ready To Take It To  The Next Level?

Every passion can be marketable. You might not see the potential initially, however, with so many billions of people in our world today, I can assure you that is someone ELSE out there, with the same drive and passion in your field of interest. It simply needs to be harnessed and YOU can be the start of that revolution.

Come Join Us Here At Wealthy Affiliate, Where You Can Turn Your Passion Into A Successful Business!

Come join us at Wealthy Affiliate and be one of the many success stories as you turn your passion into a business. The tools and resources are there to help you achieve your goal.

See you on the inside!

success at wealtjhy affiliate 0-6 months

Go ahead, try out YOUR idea for your website NOW and see how it looks! Just enter it below and get the feeling of success by taking action.

Here are a few lessons on me…simply click the image and dive right in!

You can put your thoughts on paper but learning how to build your own blog is something different. If you have the right training it is not that difficult.

When you learn how to build your own blog you get to choose the things that you write about. You can also use the blog to make extra income. Here is where I learned how to build my own blog and connect with people who helped me along the way.

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